Sunday, 8 January 2012

Stamp Man 3rd yr Annual Awards- Best Favourite Crafting Project for 2011

The Stamp Man are running their Annual Awards again this year and are giving you the opportunity to present your favourite Crafting Project for 2011. I went to a wonderful workshop at Stampaholics in Perth last year where we were shown how to alter a square mirror.  I decided to try my own take on that project using a square wooden frame from the Poundshop and the stamps in my craft room.   Lo & Behold most of the stamps I have used are sets I have purchased over several years "for rainy day projects" and I have combined the various stamps from these sets within this picture. I then restamped the birds/insects seperately and glued on top of the stamped image on the picture to lift and give a 3d effect.  I have finished these off with glossy accents to add dimension and protect the finer areas I have cut out.

Although you cannot see the full effect of the dimensions it is really very effective when looking at the real project.